Testing for empty strings

Alomst every applicaiton you will make with a Javascript front end will do some work that needs user validation. The primary benefit of doing validation on the client side is that you do not have to make the user wait in order to find out there was an issue.

What is a bare Git repository?

I have started a quest to know more in depth detail about the tool that I have been using every day for the last couple of years. I have wanted to understand more about Git so I am reading the documentation a little bit at a time.

Ruby error - extconf.rb failed while installing sqlite3 gem

I ran into some issues while running 'bundle install' on a production server. This occured when bundler hit the 'sqlite3' gem.

Cache Ruby Variables

Get user from the database only if @current_user does not already exist.

Polymorphic Associations

Polymorphic Associations are a method for dealing with database models that have some sort of logical relationship. One model can belong to many other models on a single association. What this means is that a model can have many one-to-one relationships with other models. Lets see if an example explains this a bit better.