A case for not overriding default behavior

Today I found myself scratching my head. I was trying to figure out why something that I thought should not be happening was in fact occurring.

Bower - Specify Components Directory

You would think that Bower would allow you to specify where you want the components to be installed from within your bower.json. Well, just like me you would have thought wrong...

Ruby Array of Symbols Shorthand

I am a big fan of Ruby shorthand and I use them every time I get the opportunity. I just ran across one that I have never used before. This syntax allows you to create an array of symbols.

window.location hash

I have been developing for quite a while now (6 years at the time of writing), and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of things left to learn. I thought that I had learned all that I needed to from the DOM World and today I was thrown right back in with something I had never had the need to use before.

Testing for empty strings

Alomst every applicaiton you will make with a Javascript front end will do some work that needs user validation. The primary benefit of doing validation on the client side is that you do not have to make the user wait in order to find out there was an issue.